2 Days in Paris


I went to Europe in the Month of March with my son.  I had promised him a solo Mom and Son trip to whatever place in Europe he wanted and he chose Spain.  Because arriving to Paris was cheaper, we took andvantage and spent 2 nights there.  I had already gone, but this was his firts time and he loved it. 


We arrived super early and it wasn't time to check in to the hotel which was in Montmartre.  We took advantage and went to climb the stairs to Sacré-Cœur, we even had the pleasure to watch the sunrise on our way up, it was Magic.


We then reunited with my friend Wanda (I talk about Wanda in this blog here and here).  She is an amazing puertorrican artist living in Paris for a long time now.  She took us on a very VIP tour of Montmartre where we stopped at the Clos Montmartre: Paris' Only Working Vineyard. 

In the early 30s a group of local artists led by Francis Poulbot, a famous illustrator, petitioned the government to grant them the land so they could replant the vines which were destroyed. Albert Lebrun's government approved the plan and Clos Montmartre was renewed in 1933.  Now funded by the Mairie de Paris, it covers 1,556 sq m and yields 1,500 half-litre bottles of gamay and pinot noir annually. Most of the wine, in bottles with labels designed by local artists, is auctioned for local charities during the festival, and is considered "decent enough" by critics.

Then we headed to the Louvre and  with Wanda, which was our personal tour guide that day and I can't thank her enough for the wonderful time and knowledge.  There is difference in going to a museum just to admire and going with a guide which provide you so many facts and details.

sheila-burgos-paris-Musée d'Orsay-2.jpg
sheila-burgos-paris-Musée d'Orsay-3.jpg
sheila-burgos-paris-Musée d'Orsay.jpg

The rest of the trip was spent eating and browsing the streets of Paris like true Parisians.  We went to cafes, bistros, restaurants, boulangeries and patisseries, it was heaven.  We even had the pleasure to get a little snow and watch Paris transform in magic. 


Of course, as always, I was amazed by the street art.  Paris street art is raw, honest and authentic.  


Wanda had a very good book with her and she is a real Parisian, but even residents can benefit of a guide book with facts.  I think it was this one, I will definitely recommend it.

Here is a list of the places I went and enjoyed...

What we ate:

1- Pain Pain in Montmartre - Croissant and Tartine where the best, eclairs not so much.

2-Boulangerie Coquelicot in Montmartre - Best Baguette ever

3-Boulangerie Alexine, Montmartre - Apricot Flan and Cannelle...they were superb!

4- Cuillier Coffe Shop, Montmartre - Coffee is excellent.

5- Le Saint Regis Restaurant - Duck confit and salad with fresh goat cheese, both very good.

What we saw:

1- Louvre

2- Musée d'Orsay

3- I love you : the wall

4- Sacre Coeur

5- Notre Dame

6- Shakespeare and Company

7- Moulin Rouge

I recommend strolling the streets, there is a lot of markets, you can buy fresh cheese, fruits and make a nice picnic.  Also stores at Montmartre are awesome, super stylish and very unique. We had a blast in Paris, and it prepared us for the Spain adventure that I will post in a couple of days.

Thanks for reading!!!



Charleston en dos días

Charleston es encantador, a la vista, es como un dulce Frances…simplemente hermoso.  También rico en historia, es una bello lugar para visitar si solo tienes dis días.  Se come de maravilla,  claro, comida y mas comida.  Aquí les dejo con mis fotos de la visita y listado de lugares de interés que visite y recomiendo.  Hay muhos mas sitios que visitar, pero como nuestra visita fue en tiempo navideño, algunos museos y comercios estaban cerrados.  Aun así, con solo pasear enn las calles y visitar las iglesias de esta “Holly City” no tiene precio.

Donde ir...

The Bar -Husk Restaurant…solo dire dos cosas, Jamón ahumado y Bourbon. 

Restaurant Magnolias - Southern Food

Jenis Ice cream - Soy fanatics de Jeni desde hace mucho tiempo, como chef y empresaria, ir a una de sus tiendas de mantecado, fue un sueño.

Poogans Porch - Encantandor y delicioso!!!

City Market - Mercado donde encontraras comida, artesanos, arte, musica y mucho más. 

Art Mecca - Galeria con arte local a muy buenos precios.

Water front Park - Necesario ir a este parque, sentarte en un columpio de madera y escuchar los músicos que tocan gratuitamente. 

Carriage Tour - No soy fanatic de usar carruajes por el maltrato a los caballos, pero esta compañía es muy responsable al trato de sus animales.  Su recorrido histórico por la ciudad me encantó, muy informativo y pintoresco.

Noddy - Pequeña tienda llena de curiosidades locales.

Rainbow Row - La linea de casas mas fotografiadas de Charleston, tienen una historia bien curiosa.