color pallete

Mini Portraits Series


I love making portraits, there is something fascinating about creating faces. Every now and then I crave doing figurative work, more likely after I have painted a lot of abstract art. This small studies are 5x7 on Yupo paper and they were a lot of fun to make.


I also painted 3 mini portraits on canvas with the same color scheme. They were a challenge, the main goal was to create different faces but similar…


After taking photos of the mini faces to document my work, I realized they look like people from all over the world. I didn’t do this on purpose, but now I’m glad they turned on like that, because I’m thinking of creating a mini book or a zine around people from around the world.


My art work is inspired by my life experiences, and traveling has been very important in my life. I got to meet so many people from different countries in my travels and each of them have made a mark in me.

Let’s see where this project takes me.

En un mundo de colores

"Ya no tengo tiempo" ha convertido en una frase muy común en mi vocabulario.  Excusas escuetas para simplemente dejar atrás mis pinturas.  Tomar la brocha se ha convertido en un reto estos días.  Lo mas importante es reconocerlo, y darte tiempo para crear.

Asi que a sacar las pinturas, y hacer tiempo para crear.  Sin planes serios ni pretenciosos....simplemente, hacer tiempo para jugar.  El color, me llena de vida.


A soñar una vez mas...y a hacer tiempo en la agenda para crear y soñar con color.