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The process of the Unknown

photo by  Ashley Holstein

How do I start my paintings? It depends; but usually I begin by making marks or writing in a white canvas or splashing pigment and color very fluidly in the blank space.  I also love to paint outside, like literally outside, with my canvas on the ground and touching the grass.  I'm not a fancy painter as you can see.

photo by  Ashley Holstein

I loose myself in the moment, I move my hands without constriction and just let go of the paint.  Movement and energy is a very important part in my process.  My expectations are always low, because is not about what I will do to the painting, but what the painting will make me do next.

photo by  Ashley Holstein

This kind of relationship with the painting and the exposure to the nature elements, like wind and sun, and even dirt and grass, it's what I love the must about the process.  At the end, the result is just a bunch of uncertain emotions that guided me to see beyond the materials I used.

I'm currently painting and exploring for an upcoming show in May, and will give you more details very soon.  For now, just remeber to be free!!!

Nueva serie de Arte

Hace unas semanas, comencé a trabajar en mi nueva serie de arte.  Esta vez, el color llego al canvas de manera inexplicable.  Una vez llega el color, llegan las formas, las marcas y el juego de palabras.  

Una vez dije en algún lado, que yo hago arte para mi. A que me refiero? En cierta manera, no tengo un estilo en particular, un sello que me defina.  Mi arte refleja muchas veces, mi vida, mis experiencias, mi estado de animo.  En fin, mi arte es el reflejo de mi ser.

Espero que les agrade!!!