My name is Sheila Burgos; I' was born in Puerto Rico, "La Isla del Encanto". I’ve been residing in the Central Florida area, within the beautiful City of Winter Park that is now my home. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts from The University of Puerto Rico and have studied Abstract Art in The League of Art of San Juan.  Since my childhood, I’ve been passionate about creating, transforming, and making art. I used to spend my days in my grandmother's home, making these huge abstract paintings; They were like Kaleidoscopes. Fragments of my experiences Is how I envisioned them.  

Then, I got a regular corporate job as a Graphic Designer. I went from wanting to pursue my dream as an artist, to working in a corporate world for over 20 years. Given this wasn't my ideal situation, but it did provide me with experience and a knowledge that helped me develop myself as a professional in the art world. My last job was in an Advertisement Agency, which lasted about 10 years. Then I worked with my husband a few years in a family business; And four years ago, I decided it was time for me to start painting again. It felt right, like I was meant to do this.

I paint my feelings with passion, I express with shapes and colors, and I find a way to let go. Finding a way of expressing emotions is only half of the battle. We must embrace those feelings; We must nourish them; And in the end, we must let them free. I learned to express my sad moments, and also my happiest moments; My love for the ocean, for flowers, for nature. It helped me realize that life can get though, but at the end; Life is what we make of it. I choose to make my life happy, and find beauty in every corner.

In this space you will find my creative work. I will also write about  the creative process as a healing tool; My travel anecdotes; And life stories meant to be shared. 

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