The Essence of Life

This past days, life has taken a strange turn.  What have I learned? That what's important is being alive. One most learn again and again, to let go, to embrace life, to see beyond loud circumstances, just LIVE.  To extract from every experience The Essence of Life.


This next month I will make sure to start over, to take care of what I love most, my family, my passions, my art.   Soon enough, waters will calm, and I will sail again.

What I've been up to: 

The Essence of Life: Did you notice I adore flowers? If you watch this breathtaking documentary, you will learn why.  Please, watch it with your kids. 

Gifted Reading: As a gifted child mother, I must never stop learning how to help. Kids didn't came with a manual, but amazon is there for us. 

Headspace: With this "Meditation for dummies" App, I'm trying to learn how to let go of the noises in my head.  And no, it's not my husband's snoring.

Khali Whatley: My recently found Mentor.  She is just wonderful... Success here I come!!!

Smart Creative Woman: I'm Addicted, Monica Lee is the "Artist Whisperer".... 


Well, have a nice weekend!!!!!  Abstract photo of peony soon for sale in my Etsy Shop.

(I will be posting in English now, hope you don't mind...thanks for reading)