Today I’m 39 and still the same girl as 20 years ago (mostly).  I still dream of being an artist and having my own atelier, where I can submerge and get lost from the rest of the world.  I still dream of painting flowers, I love them.  I thought that at 39 one must have an almost completed path, with a secured future ahead... but I don’t have it.  I just lived these 39 years, working hard, traveling, trying new things, falling in love, getting heart broken, having a baby, falling in love again, remarrying and reinventing myself.

So, what about turning almost 40? For me, it's awesome, because now I have so much experience, I’ve been blessed with my surroundings, family and friends.  I’m happy I met new people who encourage me to do better things, and the "usual suspects" who always loved me (no matter what), are still in my life.

I still have dreams at 39…. I still have a path full of ambitions and new projects.  At 39 I still collect vintage postcards, handwritten letters... there’s something about words and handwriting that a computer can’t surpass. At 39 I still love Frida, the friend I never met. I still photograph everything with my phone, and most of all, I still take my brushes and make a mess like a little girl when I paint.

39 feels awesome, can’t wait for my dreams to take shape this year!!!!!