My Travel Journal

Here's a look at my travel journal…. I could never do scrapbooking, I think I’m too messy, unorganized, and I don't follow any rules.  Is not personal, its just that I’m not good at it.  But when my friend Glory gave me a Smash journal  I couldn't be more thrill…something I wouldn't mess up.  

I just love to collect keepsakes from my travels, from business cards to napkins, all the little details that remind me of the special journey.  Usually I combine them with photos, mostly from my cell phone camera.  I use apps such as ArtifactUprising, Printic and Print Studio, they all have their own characteristics in sizes, style and paper…I recommend all of them.  

I’m waiting for a few more photos to arrive, so I can finish my Brooklyn pages…and then, I will share it with you.  Also, I make shadow boxes of my travels, but that would be another post…for now, just remember to always Wander!!!!!!