Painting strokes and Francisco Oller

I've always love Francisco Oller, he was a pioneer puertorrican Painter. Oller moved to Paris in 1858, and studied in  Louvre under the instruction of Gustave Courbet.  He lived the parisian life, he studied art, went to cafes and exhibited next to  BazilleRenoirMonet, and Sisley. I can say, he lived the life I want to live..ha ha.  I love his style, even his Impressionism Era.  I was browsing his paintings, and I discovered this exquisite botanical masterpiece.  


His botanicals are a dream made with oil.  As you maybe notice, I love to paint Botanicals, it's not about painting "pretty things"  is about what I feel when I paint Botanicals.  I can say I express myself in flower petals, (that sounded extremely cliche).  The language of flowers is a very deep one, they can bring joy, sorrow, hope, they have been in every important event in a human life, from birth to death.  There is also something about nature, that intrigues the human eye, especially trying to recreate it. 

This week, I painted a few things, from still life to way as always.  I'm not even close to be Francisco Oller, and I think I will never paint like him... but I'm trying to paint everyday and practice my strokes. At the end, one must develop a personal style, the one that feels like the second skin.

I did a few paintings in oil, is a medium I do not practice a lot.  And talking with a fellow artist friend, (that love my painting before finishing it) I'm going to start the "Incomplete" Series.  Letting a part of the painting "unfinished", what do you think?