Full Circle

Hi there....Mondays are hard, specially since my kids school is over, everybody is in vacation mode.  Except, we still have to work.  How I wish I was a kid again, and stay all day playing and thinking of nothing!!! hahaha.  But last week I made me a little gift, I enrolled myself in "summer camp", an art work shop.  Its been awhile since I took an online workshop, but when I saw Misty Mawn Full Circle, I just couldn't help myself.  I love her painting style, and her artistic approach.  So far, its been a really good experience, she even makes music playlist to get the muse going.  In one of those playlist I discovered Ane Brun, have you heard her?... Its a moody type of music, perfect for getting in the "zone".

I've painted Mandalas, and made drawings of disproportional ladies.... but you know? I like to push myself, even if I hate drawing, because painting is my prefer medium.  One must keep practicing and go beyond our comfort zone.  So, I hope this little online summer camp, brings me closer to create and make art everyday.  You have to watch this video Mindy made, its everything I feel, how could someone you don't know feel exactly the same way as you do?... Well, an artist heart must be duplicated in a million places around the world.  

Have a great week!!!