Stay Positive

So, it's been a rough couples of days for my island Puerto Rico and my new home in the US.  But at the end, I'm choosing to stay positive, because there's a lot of good people in this earth, and love is bigger than hate and I will not live with fear.  I choose to be happy and stay Positive.

We can make it!!!!

Yes, I did open my heart to forgiveness and a new beginning.  YES, I can love, instead of hate.  YES, I will fight for a better tomorrow, for me, my son, my family and the future Generation.

Difficult events will shape us, will strengthen us. I have change my path so many times. I believe there's not only one path, there are many. Life is complicated and beautiful, and each turn will take us to a new destination.

Our life is a journey and there are different ways to travel it, and with every step we take, we become more clear of our purpose here on earth. It's not really about the big house, the new car, the impressive career, the successful business, the perfect family…is about that journey, and what we decide to do in it.

Do we want to hide? Cry? And be fearful? Or do we want to live everyday fulfilled, and ready to help one another? We don’t need to be politicians or martyrs to make a difference on this earth…and by earth, I  mean our home, our community..those around us. 

This is the true meaning for me…to live with purpose everyday and to make a difference.

So I say YES, I'll take that challenge....

Stay Positive my Friends, we will get through this!