Ocean experience.

Last week I went to West Elm Orlando to exhibit my Ocean Work and do a little Live Painting.   Dear friends, once again, I conquered my fears.  I don't know why it's so hard for me.  The process of being vulnerable is hard sometimes.  But I did it, and I survived.  I learned a lot that day.  And thats what is all about. 

The employees of West Elm where super helpful.  How cute does my work look in their space? It was all their "styling magic"!!

I had friends stop by and say hi and support me.  Thanks Denisse, for always being there for me!!!  This is her employee Ivy and her son.

Live painting went well, I started the intuitive process very fast.  I will need to apply  "problem solving" to this piece.  The marks and strokes are there...now I have to figure it out..

Please, don't pay attention to my mouth in this last photo.  I called it the "What I'm I doing in this painting" move.

I listed my work in my shop.  So please check it out, I have prints and originals for grabs.

I love this Buena Vida Print.....Because at the end, life is good, really good!!!

Take care my friends!!!!