Learning to let go


Last month I had the honor to lead a workshop of Creative Expression to a group of creatives in Central Florida.  It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. We started with a white paper, and I guided them through the experience of letting go of control to encourage their pure form of expression. 


Watching them become fearless against the process and letting me guide them through the unknown was very fulfilling. Some of them even said that they didn't feel that way since they were in school (mission accomplished).  


We even had our own baristas from Prodigal making the magic potion that made us create so well!!!


I always get very anxious and nervous before giving a workshop and when I complete them, there is a big feeling of accomplishment for me.  But the must important thing, is knowing I made a difference in the creative process of a person.   

One day I will like to take this workshops around the world...  one day I will!!

Thank you for reading!!!!!