Will I do Street Art?


I was approached by the Mulberry Center to design a Mural for some structures they have in their public park.  I already designed what I wanted to do.  Is inspired by a large piece of abstract art I did and is currently exhibited at my solo show.  The image above is a mockup I did at the beginning of the year, wishing one day I could do something similar.


I wanted to do something colorful to attract children and youth, since it will be next to a skateboard facility.  I really wish I get to do this project, so will definitely keep you posted.

By the way, If you live connected to internet, chances are you've experienced connectivity issues at some point. Most of my work is done online, so a reliable connection is a must. Recently I was trying to upload photos from my exposition at The Mulberry Center, and it took me hours to it. I called my ISP and seems that on their part everything was fine. That just meant the my home/office was the troublemaker. Ruling out the ISP, I started testing until I found out that my router was at fault. 
I went on the search for a new one. I realize I didn’t know a thing about it (MU-MIMO, Dual-Band, Tri-Band, NAS, etc.), so I enlisted my husband in the task. Skipping all the technical part, we switch to a very reliable Synology RT2600ac with a steady signal all over the place. I transfer a 1.9Gb file in under 40 seconds.  So, I'm a happy girl!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!