A Day Trip to Burgos Spain


Finally I was able to edit my day trip to Burgos, Spain, from my trip to Europe at the beginning of the year. I already wrote about our first stop in Paris, and you can read bout it here. So let’s begin…

I decided to visit Burgos, because of course, my last name is Burgos and I just wanted to experience the origin from my last name. After Paris, we arrived to Madrid (madrid post coming soon), and the next day we took a very confortable bus to Burgos. The trip was about 2 and a half hours and it transported us from Madrid to Burgos through the famous country's northern plateau. Because the trip was driving through different altitudes, we began driving with the sun and greens, and suddenly it started to snow and everything was covered in white. It was majestic.

The face you make when you are not ready for the cold.

The face you make when you are not ready for the cold.


When we arrived at Burgos, it was snowing and raining at the same time, it was cold and grey, but it was unique and awsome. Since we only had a couple of hours, we decided to go straight to The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos. The Church has a Gothic architecture and is known for it’s art, stained glass and tombs, including the one from El CID, which is the main character in this town.


My favorite part was the Stained Glass art. The light coming though them felt like an oasis in this heavy feeling church, because is so cold and full of tombs (a lot of tombs, too much for my liking, hahaha).

sheilaburgos-burgos-spain-santa-maria-vitral-the light.jpg

Then it was time to walk around the town and find something to eat. This trip to Europe was a culinary trip for my son. He is studying culinary arts, and he wanted to experience Spain and the food that originated our food in Puerto Rico, since we were colonized by the spaniards.


We were able to find a place with traditional food from Burgos. We ate blood sausage, veal and a sopa castellana, which consist of the interiors of the cow’s stomach (uhum, not vegan friendly). In Puerto Rico we eat blood sausage a lot, and soups like mondongo and sancocho are always in our menu. This plates are very heavy in fat, and they do this to keep themselves warm in the cold. Also Burgos has a lot of cattle, because of the topography. We finished with the perfect dessert, El postre del abuelo, which is fresh cheese from Burgos with local honey. The cheese is very soft, and not overpowering at all. This type of dessert we don’t have in Puerto Rico, so it was a nice surprise.


We then walked around the town for a little bit more, and went to the bus stop to drink a coffee, since it was really cold. There, we met the cashier and employee that was from República Dominicana, and like us, was not happy about the cold weather… islanders dilema.


On our way back to madrid, the northern plateau view was just like a dream, again, going from snow, to the greens of the Ribera. We really enjoyed this day trip, and will never forget it for sure.

Thanks for reading!!!!