Batida de Frutas y Col Rizada (Kale)

Esta fácil receta, (que no es tan receta), forma parte de mi rutina casi diaria.  La preparo con frutas del País como la Papaya, guineo y mango para endulzar.  Pero el ingrediente más importante es la Col Rizada o "Kale".  

¿Sabias que el Kale tiene Omega 3 y vitamina K? fuentes vitales con cualidades antiinflamatorias.  Si padeces de Fibromialgia, una dieta alta en kale, es altamente recomendada...y pues, yo batallo la Fibromialgia, ella no me va a ganar, aunque sea una guerra de kale le voy a dar. 

La receta es sencilla, la preparo con leche de almendras y la tomo en la mañana, así no tengo excusas.  Es una forma saludable de comenzar el día.  He padecido de bajas y altas de peso toda mi vida, causada por distintas razones médicas.  Es por eso que trato de comer saludable, sin cantarme de santa divinidad de las reinas saludable....(ese título esta bueno para una novela). 

Te invito a probarla.. 
Batida de Frutas y Kale 
(Rinde 2 vasos.) 

  • 1  1/2 taza de leche de almendras 
  • 1 taza de papaya en trozos 
  • 2 a 3 hojas de col rizado (Kale) 
  • 1/4 taza de Mango 
  • 1 guineo 
  • canela y vainilla a gusto 

Coloca los ingredientes en un procesador de alimentos y bate hasta que se incorpore todo.


Hibiscus Tea

Having picked some tea, he drank it,
Then he sprouted wings,
And flew to a fairy mansion,
To escape the emptiness of the world....
-Chiao Je

Tea, so important in some many cultures.  I like tea, or ar least, some of them.  Since I was little, my grandma use to go to her backyard, and grab fresh herbs and flowers, and make wonders with her tea.  For every pain, there was a recipe, for every sorrow, there was always tea.  My son has developed an interest for tea, and its culture, he has become quite an aficionado.  So when in Brooklyn, we decided to go to Bellocq in Green Point.  This place was Magical, the athmosphere was so enchanting, we didn't want to leave.  They have an excelent selection of exotics teas, and they make there special blends too.  The service was excellent, we were greeted and oriented very well.  I bought for myself the special blend “Corazon de Cien Fuegos”.  

It consists of Hibiscus, lemongrass, cinnamon, rose petals, lavender and cornflower.  This is MY tea…I will always drink it.  When making tea, you have to be very carefull, to much exposure of the tea, or too hot water, can damage the taste.  For this specific blend, I poured 2 cups of water in a pot, and let it almost boil, when you see the little bubbles starting to appear, is time to take it off the stove.  Pour the hot water in a clean tea pot, and add 3 teaspoons of the blend in the mesh…let it stand for five to ten minutes.  If you like sweet tea, add honey when hot, if you like to drink it cold, as soon as the honey has melted, put it in the refrigerator.


When I was going to discard the used herbs, I notice the beautiful reds and pinks stains in my hand, and decided to play a little with it…and started to paint with the tea petals.  It was so beautiful, the most wonderful paint there is, directly from nature.  I noticed once dry, the colors turned to the blues and purples shades…just like magic.  I played a little with my food, made some art, drank some very good tea…this day, was a good day…


I recommend the book The new Tea Companion, if you want to learn more about tea.

Thanks for reading!!