Renninger's-Mount Dora

Hello to talk about vintage, one of my great loves.  I don't know what is it about a pre-owned object, that captivates me so much. Maybe is not only about Nostalgia...and more about a piece of history.  I find vintage more interesting than buying something new.  Now, don't get me wrong, "something new" is good too...but men, how I love the "something old". 
Before living in Florida, I visited Renninger's at Mount Dora a phew times.  It never disappoints me.  So far I have 2 vintage world globes, a craftsman style wood chair, a New Home Sewing machine base and an old door (this last two I converted in a soon), a side table with marble and a lot of vintage keys among other objects. 

This place is huge, it opens Friday through Sunday.  It consist on 2 rows of bungalows with independent vendors, a main large building with air conditioning with more expensive antiques, a few open flea market style spaces...and on the other side of the property, there is a Farmers Market and a flea market.   

This is my kind of "junk heaven".  From old doors, to chairs, to milk containers, to collectable books, vintage jewelry and art...this place has it all.  And if you go, be sure not to eat before you arrive, and go to the main building with a/c...theres a cafe there, and they sell the best burgers in Central Florida...I promise!!! I'm talking about the "I cannot open my mouth big enough, OMG look at the mess I made" home made burger.

So, forget about the old and musty odor, and embrace the past, you don't have to buy anything...the visit by itself is like being in a History Museum. If you have more time, visit the Mount Dora Historic District, is a must!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend !!!