florida artist

Creating Art with texture


After creating artwork with figurative portraits, I’m back again at painting abstracts. This time playing with textures. I really liked doing this pieces, playing around with acrylic skins and textile.

sheila-burgos-mixmedia-art-portrait and mix media.jpg

After I finishes the first piece, I noticed it had the same color scheme as the previous portrait I did. My mind is a sponge for sure.


The second piece I did, I decided to add strips of fabric I had from another multimedia piece I will share with you soon. I have a time-lapse vide that I did so you can se my process. You can watch it below.


This last piece reminds me of Las Salinas in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico, a salt flat that forms a pretty pink lake. Is a great visit if you are in the island.

Can’t wait to create a bigger body of work with skins!!

The process of making art


What is my creative process? Well, is not as fancy as a lot of people think. My process starts by convincing myself that I can do it, that I am enough, that it doesn’t matter if I ruined the canvas, that I have to just have fun. And then, this battle with myself starts, the one that is trying to win over technique and just focus on expression.

Not everyday I feel like painting, but I just show up, make a mark, and see what it leads me to. Creative expression is a battle with what you already know and what you are just about to learn. Is taking a breath, take a seat and jut stare at the painting, question your every move, and letting go of control.

At the end, it doesn’t matter who wins, the only thing that matters is that you survived and you need to get ready for the next one.