One of my travel desires was to visit Italy, and this year I got to realize it.  My husband and I went on an anniversary trip (5 years and counting) to this amazing part of the world.  We eat the best food ever, we drank some good wine, we saw more art that my eyes could take, but mostly, we lived and experienced one of the must richest and wonderful cultures in the world.

We arrived to Madrid in a direct flight from Puerto Rico in Air Europa, and then went to Rome. We made the trip very spontaneous, with only the first and second hotel reservations, but we basically had an open plan to travel.  We decided when to leave or when to go next via fast train. Trains are the best and cheapest way to go from one country to another, and they are very comfortables.  A good train advised, don't waste your money in first and business class, standard class in those kind of trains are very very good.

When in Rome….

Rome is Rome, so much history and main “attractions” to see.  This is a anthropologist and historian dream.  From the Coliseum to the vatican, you will not have much time to do anything else.  If you want to skip the line, or at least wait less in one, try to buy your tickets online, that saved us a lot of waiting in line.

The district of Trastevere was our home for 3 days.  Is very low key, local part of Rome, with a lot of bars, small shops and good restaurants.


I felt in love with, I could live in this Renaissance heaven…the food, the art, the architecture, the ambience…all, all is perfect in Florence. We saw Florence in 4 days, from Ponte Vecchio, to Botticelli to drive a Vintage Fiat 500 around Tuscany.  Florence was perfect.


This place is a dream…like a Fairytale book, its so poetic.  We only visited Venice one day and one night..Impressive is all I have to say.  Glad I visited before I die.


We did a day trip to Pisa, very Tourist like trip.  Saw the tower, walk around town and ate some good Pizza.  It was a good day.


Bologna is very unique, Porticos everywhere, good food, a lot of good clothing, a lot of made in Italy good items.  Best thing we did? Restaurant Diana…the best!!!


Italy is a dream come true… Enjoy my photos!!!

P.S. This post was brought to you by the color Terracotta...did you notice?