Orlando Museum of Art

I visited Orlando Museum of Art this week, the visit was short but very interesting.  They have a very good collection of modern and contemporary art for say the least.  Installations, sculptures, paintings, and even a Manga and Comic show that my son enjoyed very much.

Art by  Mark Crilley

I needed this king of food for my eyes, there is something about a museum that can't be recreated in an art class room.  I saw work by Helen Frankenthaler, Andy Wharhol, Morris Louis, Andrew Tavarelli and many local and hispanic artist.

Art by  Andy Warhol
Art by  Morris Louis

When you see a painting or a piece of art work by another artist, you evaluate, study, feel and put yourself in the same shoes...What is that in the corner? Why did he painted that over there? What is that material really?

Museum visits are my favorite, and I'm glad I have a good one very near my home...Here is to many visits to come!!!