Feeling Abstract

This thing about moving to another country and getting used to it, it's making my creative mojo go in hibernation, and its summer, and Florida is extremely hot..so, you can Imagine how I feel. 

The other day, I said..."Sheila, enough, you are not gonna wait to have the perfect space to paint, you are making excuses...just pick up a brush and do it"..so I did.  I took my painting tubes and my tools and I started to play in an abstract way...no figures, just pure play.   I painted until the night came.  I felt at home.

Painting abstract is very challenging for me..and I needed it .  The thing about abstract is that it can be very mind consuming.  You will think...noooo, is just making a lot of mess.  But is not.  For me abstract can be frustrating, challenging, liberating, and more.  But when I finish, I feel free. 

So, I feel this week I might get back to my figurative painting, because I missed it. It's familiar and I just like it.  But sometimes, too familiar, and too comforting can damage creativity. 
I'm trying to make this house feel like a home...and maybe then...my paintings will scream to me...It's time Sheila...it's time..