A painting with Amor Amor

Do you know that feeling of complete “I don’t know what I’m doing”.  That’s the feeling I have every time I start a new panting.  What helps me? “Break” a white canvas with words, scribbles or marks.  And then, just like that, transform them.

Yes, transform them, not destroy them.  Sometimes we get attached, we won’t let go…ideas, feelings, actions, methods…but you know what? How can we grow if we don’t learn to transform?


The simple action of changing, making something new, change your point of view, ect…will make you grow, transform.

Here you can see the steps of my painting process…the transformation of a painting.

I like to think, that with every move, I lived a little more adventurer, I grew, I learned to just be.

This painting had many steps, from mark making to air dry flooded paint.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  I can take this painting thing very seriously, or i can simply have fun.  And that's what I'm doing....fun fun fun.

You can find this painting in my shop....Amor Amor. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!