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How to prepare for a Solo Show Exhibition


Last Thursday was my exhibition at The Mulberry Cultural Center.  It was an awsome experience full of beautiful details and moments to cherish forever.  The organizers planned everything, from curating the exhibition, to salsa music, tropical flowers, sangria and puertorrican horderves.  It felt like a dream, but it wasn't, it was very real.


My favorite part was talking to people and watch them interact with my art. There was a specific piece that I made with the purpose of people sitting in front of the art and take a picture or a selfy and be part of the creation. 

It was also a learning experience for me.   I'm a introvert, and it was difficult at times wanting to engage with people that could become potential customers.  I learned my lesson and will improve for the next time.

But overall,  It was a success and I'm forever thankful.   A puertorrican woman, out of her comfort zone, away from her Country with almost no family and friends in Central Florida, but I was able to exhibit my art in public and have a wonderful time. 


Things to know before doing a Solo Show:

1- Make a cohesive Body of Work with more than 10 pieces.  This will give you and the gallery a lot of options to curate the show.  I had 16 pieces exhibit.  (I made another exhibition with only 5 pieces, but it was not a solo show)

2-Frame your artwork.  The buyer tends to buy artwork that is framed, this way they only have to hang the final piece and it also ads value.  I did not framed the canvases that were 1.5 inches deep, just the .75 inches deep and all the 12x12.

•For the 12x12x.75 I bought this frames .  They are super easy to mount, with velcro adhesives and are inexpensive.

•For the 12x12x1.5 I bought this frames.  A little tricky to mount but I managed.

•For the larger pieces I made a simple wood frame that the buyer can replace if they wish to.  I used this tutorial

3- Make an inventory list.  It has to have the name of the piece, the measurements and the price.  Also make an inventory list of any other item you wish to sell, like prints and accessories.  Keep a list for yourself and take one to the gallery.

4- Opening reception details. From music if you wish to have music, to cocktails and flowers.  Every detail counts.  In my case, the gallery provided all the food and refreshments and the music.

5- Make promotional material like postcards and business cards.

6- Prepare your wardrobe in advance.  Look like the artist and very authentic, but at the same time profesional.

7- Make a contract with the gallery or have the discussion about commission details for anything that sells during the show.

8- Your pieces need to be ready to hang with wire and hooks.  This is very important.  This is also a very important step when you sell a piece online. I used this kind of clip (hook) and this type of wire.  Here is a very good tutorial. 

9- Make a Show Statement.  The statement has to talk about the body of work you will show at the exhibit.  A short description of what motivated you to produce that body of work.  In my case, the gallery made a poster with the statement for the people to see when they enter the show.

10- Remember to have fun and enjoy the moment.  Forget about sales, and focus in your art, in the accomplishment of producing a good body of work and be proud of yourself.

If you have any other question, please write me or comment, I will reply as soon as I can.  Thank you for reading and for be here for me.






The Language of Creation my Solo Show


Tomorrow is the day...the opening of my solo show, "The Language of Creation" at the Mulberry Cultural Center from 5:30pm to 7:30 pm - 103 Canal Street Mulberry, Fl 33860.  There will be food, beverages and socializing.  


I'm very exited to add a liitle color to the space and to share it with averybody!!!