Winter Park

The process of the Unknown

photo by  Ashley Holstein

How do I start my paintings? It depends; but usually I begin by making marks or writing in a white canvas or splashing pigment and color very fluidly in the blank space.  I also love to paint outside, like literally outside, with my canvas on the ground and touching the grass.  I'm not a fancy painter as you can see.

photo by  Ashley Holstein

I loose myself in the moment, I move my hands without constriction and just let go of the paint.  Movement and energy is a very important part in my process.  My expectations are always low, because is not about what I will do to the painting, but what the painting will make me do next.

photo by  Ashley Holstein

This kind of relationship with the painting and the exposure to the nature elements, like wind and sun, and even dirt and grass, it's what I love the must about the process.  At the end, the result is just a bunch of uncertain emotions that guided me to see beyond the materials I used.

I'm currently painting and exploring for an upcoming show in May, and will give you more details very soon.  For now, just remeber to be free!!!

Cultura de Color

It's been too long since I wrote here,  life keeps me busy, and maintaining a good balance has been hard.  I need to work on priorities...I'm on it, I promise.  In the meantime, I've been painting art with bright colors, and I don't think it will go anywhere soon. 


Lately, painting art has become once again an outlet for expressing my feelings. This pieces are more than an art, they are more like an statement.  For example, with my bigger piece, "En mi Mundo" (In my World) I was layering memories of color from my island, from the Pomarrosas, to the blue sea and beaches to the sun that kissed my skin for so many years.  I crave those colors with all my heart.  Although I have color here...somehow, they don't feel the same...not as bright, not as happy.


With "Mírame" (look at me) I was making a visual statement...maybe too literal?  All this race battles here in the US, bring me down a little bit.  How is it possible that a Country that was build around emigrants, be so hard on us?  Sometimes being an outsider, can take our positive energy out...but at the end, we are NOT going anywhere...we will stay, we will thrive, with love and hard look at me, I'm your sister, I'm just like you.....


"Imperfecta-Perfecta" is about a personal experience.  From my strong hispanic accent, to my curly hair, to the color of my skin and my curvy body....all this precious things that makes me unique, to others makes me imperfect.  Many times I hesitated to speak in public or straighten my hair, just to feel more "regular"...and then I notice what I was doing, and I said...STOP...for other people I may be Imperfect...for me, I'm just more Perfect than I have ever been.

This abstracts expressive art pieces are personal and I will be exhibiting them at the exhibition "Cultura de Color" in Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, to benefit Woman in the Arts Inc. at Baterbys Art Gallery in Winter Park, Florida.  They will be there for the month of September, and is a great honor...I'm feeling happy.